Claudia Eastmond Story


Claudia Eastmond’s Story

When you hear the words “You have cancer” you believe your world as you know it is over. That is how I felt in March of 1988.  I was 32 and had 3 young boys, 12…10 and 7.  I was not going to live to see them graduate from High School.  How could this be happening???   After surgery I needed 6 months of chemotherapy, that took so much of my strength along with a lot of my hair but I did it and it was over… YAH!!!

Four years later… a recurrence, this time 30 treatments of radiation.  OK I can do this… and I did, this was 1992.

I asked my oncologist to send me to a cancer center to find out why I am now a stage 4 cancer patient… he sent me to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC.  I was going to have a bone marrow harvest and transplant done, however, after a few months they told me they were sorry there was nothing more they could do for me and to go home and get my affairs in order… I didn’t hear anything after that…. Just when I thought things were going well, they hit me again.

My oncologist at home did more chemo.  I started to feel like maybe I wasn’t going to die.  God was with me and knew my family needed me to be here. I got stronger and stronger and life went on.

In 2002, I had a back ache that just wouldn’t go away. More scans and a biopsy later reveal I have bone metastasis.  OK I can handle this… the boys have all graduated from high school.  We have our first grandchild a GIRL!, four years old.

My faith is strong.  Thank you God!


Now it’s time for my routine mammography and there is something there.  Yes a new breast cancer, Happy 50th Birthday to me. So I ended 2005 with another surgery and more chemo. God and my family are is still with me.  I will survive this.

This brings me to 2012 and a routine bone scan shows a spot in my hip.  After a biopsy I have cancer again.  Five high dose radiation treatments and I am doing great. This is my 5th cancer diagnosis since 1988.  I was supposed to die in 1993.  There is always hope as long as you have faith and put your life in God’s hands.  Whatever happens to me from now on I know I have had a wonderful life with my family and friends.

Life is good… I have danced with my sons on their wedding days, and have more grandchildren.


The PINK HEALS organization has touch so many lives.  I am proud to have our truck named for me.  I hope I can inspire those going through any difficulty to just have faith, hope and know that people are there for you.  Family and God are what kept me strong.  I pray it will keep you too.


Claudia Eastmond

Breast cancer survivor… 1988, 1992, 2005

Bone cancer survivor… 2002, 2012

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